Anti-Racist Professional Practice

The Whiteness Matrix® – Upholding our ethical and legal requirements

What does Anti-Racist Psychological Practice look like? Does it require an in-depth
understanding of all things race, the management of discomfort, and / or ongoing reflections on our own identity and potential role(s) in dismantling racism?

The course will answer some of these questions and ask more; all with the aim of supporting your Anti-Racism journey.

Course begins in January 2022! Start date TBC.

Who is this course for?

This course has been specifically designed for South Asians working as Psychologists or as members of the Wider Psychological Workforce.

If you find some of the quesions below relevant to you, then this course will have multiple benefits for you and your personal / professional development.

Have you ever made professional suggestions in meetings which are ignored / minimised; but then someone else makes the same ones and suddenly they are…great ideas?
Have you advocated for a client / colleague to be told that you seem to be overly ‘passionate’; indirectly suggesting boundary issues?
Do you sometimes want to say something about how a work practice / policy or process will not work for a certain group but hold back due to fear of repercussions?
Are you ever asked to repeat your name(s) or needing to correct repeated incorrect pronunciation?
Ever felt that some of your South Asian colleagues appear more supportive of white colleagues?
Do you think that you would live a better life if you were white?
Are you often asked to speak for your entire racial group?

Programme Overview

One of the most common questions Sam is asked in this space, especially from white folks, is ‘how can I be an ‘Ally’ and encourage others to do the same’? Interestingly, this question is rarely asked to her by Psychologists and/or those who identify as South Asian.

It has led Sam to wonder whether this absence of verbalised inquiry is:

  • Associated with beliefs that Allyship is already in place
  • Due to thoughts that Allyship is not an area of need or priority for Psychologists and /
  • or for those who identify as South Asian?
  • Related to the pervasiveness of Whiteness in our society
  • Linked to the tangible benefits of approximating to Whiteness
  • Connected to the role of the often, dominant political rhetoric. For example, in a recent UK government report it was claimed that the UK is not ‘deliberately rigged’ 1 and in both the US and the UK there has been a banning of Critical Race Theory in schools and unconscious bias training in government institutions 2.

The need for training, education, awareness and development in Anti Racist practice is often seen as a luxury, add on, or nice to have. Especially with the Covid Pandemic, which has whilst costing even more lives as a result of Racism; also creates urgency, fear, anxiety and fiscal restraints. The perfect storm for the continuation of the status quo.

Why should I take this course?

Despite the registrations, legal qualifications and some requirement to uphold social justice principles we need to practice in the healthcare profession, this does not prevent racism. Evidence shows disparities in health, education, criminal justice, income, employment and so forth are still present.

Given that clients needing and / or accessing these services are often disproportionately from marginalised communities the obligation to uphold these principles is not rocket science. And yet, the translation of this into action is at best, inconsistent.

We must proactively hold our colleagues, leaders and most significantly, ourselves accountable for upholding these principles. We must take actionable steps to build anti-racist spaces.

This course introduces the Whiteness Matrix® as a framework to understand what types of socialised and embedded thinking and beliefs maybe promoters or barriers to us upholding our professional obligations whilst also ensuring we uphold our own identities and survive as well as thrive as South Asian professionals. It also explores and facilitates conscious choice making in how we show up as Bystanders, Allies, Advocates or Activists.

The programme will include:

  • Webinars
  • Group work
  • Supplementary Reading
  • Between session work
  • Custom workbook
  • Access to converse with other course participants in between sessions

We will explore:

  • The Myth of Professionalism
  • Identities
  • Professional Practice with clients and colleagues
  • Allyship, Advocacy and Activism
  • The Whiteness Matrix® Framework
  • The Ongoing Anti-Racism Journey  

Topics touched upon will include:

  • Race
  • Racism
  • White privilege and fragility 
  • Racialised Trauma
  • Colonialism and Colonisation
  • Intersectionality
  • Colourism
  • Model Minority Myth
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

So join us for six 2 hour sessions (will take place fortnightly) online course which provides both personal and professional development specifically for South Asians in this field.

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About The Facilitator

Kia ora, my name is Samantha Patel (she/her) and I’ve been working as a
Psychologist for around 20 years. I was trained and qualified as a Chartered Forensic Psychologist in the UK and made the move to New Zealand 15 years ago. Having worked across public and private sectors in a range of practitioner focused and senior leadership roles (UK, Australia and NZ) I more recently developed an interest in Organisational Psychology and in 2017 I became a Chartered Member of the Institute of Organisational Psychology (IOP).

As a consultant, coach and trainer my areas of specialism include: – leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion. More recently I contracted to Massey University, Auckland, initially leading the Criminal Psychology Paper and later as a Senior Professional Clinician within the Post Graduate Psychologist registration programme. The latter role involved the selection, assessment, supervision and support of

For 2021, I am consciously choosing to focus full time on self-employment with the aim of supporting and developing antiracist and anti-discriminatory workplaces and practices (including that of Psychologists). As a cisgender, Indian, LGBTQ+ member and solo mum of two, I have lived experience of the importance of recognising and valuing intersectionality. Whilst the struggles of navigating and succeeding within my personal and professional life have changed over time, they unfortunately very much remain. I am committed to supporting South Indian Psychologists and contributing to dismantling racism in our wider, global community.

1 Race report: ‘UK not deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities’ – BBC News
2 Written Ministerial Statement on Unconscious Bias Training – GOV.UK (