Aspiring Therapists

You might be living in South Asia and your family are asking ‘Why study psychology? Why not business/engineering/medical degree?’.

Or you might be living in the south Asian diaspora and you’re family might still ask the same thing! And then you get to you lecture hall at university and realise…not a lot of south Asian’s are here. There’s even less in positions of authority on the various boards of mental health societies.

We want to change this. We want to provide you with the resources to shatter all types of glass ceilings and create a global impact. These resources have been compilee below are for you.

If you would like access to literature relevant to the south Asian population and to our curated resources, you can register for an account here.*You do not need to be a therapist to create an account.

Antiracist Allyship Starter Pack

BIPOC Behavioral Health Resources & Anti-Racist Actions for Allies

British Asian Diaspora Films

Decolonising Psychology: A Reading List

Decolonising the Curriculum Tool

International Students Coming To The UK to Complete the DClinPsy

Journeys of South Asian Therapists

Read about the journeys of south Asian therapists (coming soon) and mental health practitioners in the field. Learn about barriers they have overcome and how their culture, faith or background has informed their practice here.

Let’s Get Uncomfortable Resource Library

Aashna have created their own resource library that is comprehensive to say the least! It includes 630 resources of its own, all of which explore race, culture, ethnicity, & power in counselling and psychotherapy. Click here to access it.

Mental Health and Race at Work: Research Report and Toolkit

Mentoring & Support for Aspiring Mental Health Professionals (UK)

Podcasts, Youtube Videos & IGTV’s for south Asian aspiring therapists

Resource Library for Understanding/Unlearning White Supremacy & Disinvesting from Anti-Blackness *esp for SA in UK focus

Resources & tools regarding racism & anti-Blackness

South Asian Reading List on Gender and Sexuality