Our Mission

The Brown Therapist Network is a learning hub promoting knowledge of south Asian mental health. We welcome all South Asian therapists, ranging from a number of disciplines including psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches. We have come together to decolonise mental health, emphasis south Asian mental health and grow together, as a community, in the process.

Our network is all about collaboration and continued learning. We know what it is like to feel alone. In many cases this can cause the passion to support our community to fizzle away. This is why we created the Brown Therapist Network, to create a space that is supportive, nurturing and ultimately transformative.

We are here to create a change in research and clinical practice for South Asians across the world. Our mission consists of four key parts:


Inspiring learning and development at every level, from mentoring students to fostering practice development for professionals.


We want South Asian professionals to be visible at the highest levels, so the next generation understand our voices exist in mental health.


This will be a space to connect with each other and share our rich experiences, cultural heritage and our unique struggles, without fear, or judgement.


Challenging Eurocentrism in therapy and addressing challenges the South Asian communities face will help us attain better outcomes for South Asian clients.