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Anti-Racist Professional Practice

By Samantha Patel

The Whiteness Matrix® – Upholding our ethical and legal requirements

What does Anti-Racist Psychological Practice look like? Does it require an in-depth understanding of all things race; the management of discomfort; and / or ongoing reflections on our own identity and potential role/s in dismantling racism?

The course will answer some of these questions and ask more; all with the aim of supporting your Anti-Racism journey. Find out more about this course here.

Course runs from October 2021 to December 2021. Exact dates TBC.


Anti-Racist Professional Practice

In six two hour sessions, we will explore: – – The Myth of Professionalism – Identities – Professional Practice with clients and colleagues – Allyship, Advocacy and Activism – The Whiteness Matrix® Framework – The Ongoing Anti-Racism Journey


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