Grow your authentic South Asian therapy practice Course

Are you tired of wasting time on courses that don’t truly serve you?

Grow your authentic south Asian therapy practice and reach your professional goals.

Register below for a January 2022 start date!

What can you expect over the six month duration?

  • Six monthly coaching sessions (2.5 hours each, total value £270)
  • Three one-to-one’s sessions (1 hour each, total value £450)
  • Six monthly workshops (1.25 hours each, total value £120+)
  • Exclusive whatsapp group to connect 24/7
  • Access to exclusive library of BTN resources
  • A close knit, intimate community
  • £840+ worth of value for £599

What do the course modules include?

  • Your positionality
    • We will address all of the intersections which make up you as an individuaImposter Syndrome and self doubt
  • Imposter Syndrome and self doubt
    • We will examine how patriarchial stress disorder and systemic racial bias interlink with your own self doubt.
  • Money mindset
    • Fear of risk taking, the scarcity mindset, power and privilege will all be explored.
  • Working holistically
    • Learn how you can incorporate your whole self into your practice, including south Asian methods, spirituality & faith.
  • Growth mindset
    • Identify internal and external roadblocks within your growth mindset so you can grow successfully branch out into other positions as a thought leader.
  • Creating a value driven practice
    • Ensure your practice aligns with your values, whilst overcoming internal conflicts we may face.
  • Reaching the south Asian community
    • Implement strategies to engage the south Asian community into therapy.
  • How to run a private practice effectively
    • Learn how to efficiently and effectively develop your business, branding, social media strategy and more.

So, what’s stopping you?

“I don’t have the time of money for this course – and I can’t commit to all of the sessions for 6 months!”

Really…you can’t afford not to take this course.

“In order to make something work, we need to sacrifice something. Be it money, time or energy – sometimes all three. We need to invest resources in ourselves to enable real growth.”

Often times, we cannot achieve our goals alone. The most powerful way to do this is with the support of a close knit community, education from an expert with experience and a practice of dedication & discipline from yourself.

My course will push you – but through it, you will become better informed. You will have a new language, and a renewed sense of who you are and how you want to practice as a therapist. 

South Asian Therapy Practice Course (Full price)

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