Grow Your Private Practice on Instagram with the BCC Method

woman in black shirt holding white samsung android smartphone

Gone are the days where Instagram was simply the domain of young adults, posting their latest holiday snaps and bougie brunches.

63% of Instagram users check the app at least once per day.

42% open the app multiple times within the same day.

Most of Instagram’s users are highly engaged and your ideal market is probably scrolling right now, waiting to engage with you.

Businesses have recognised how lucrative it is to be on Instagram but many haven’t quite cracked the code on how successfully leverage the platform for them.

There isn’t a secret code, I’m afraid. There is hardwork, strong methods and good strategy.

The tool below shows you how to use the BCC method to grow your private practice. It is tailored to you, the south Asian therapist so login or register to learn how to build your success right here.

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