Join Our Team

Are you a UK trained south Asian therapist?

At Brown Therapist Network, we have an exclusive team of south Asian multidisciplinary therapists, from an array of professions.

If you want to join a team who is dedicated to learning, dedicated to a decolonised approach to therapy and dedicated to building a relationship with their client, keep reading.

We want to encourage members of our community to not just seek therapy, but feel comfortable with their therapist so we have our own team of Brown Therapist Network associate therapists here.

Whilst we do not have a full time practice, we occasionally recieve referrals for therapy and that’s where you come in. If you have the capacity to see a new referral on occasion (and would like to join us as a member anyway!), you could join our associate therapist team.

Associate therapist criteria

Our criteria is as follows:

  • UK trained (We can currently only verify therapists with qualifications gained in the UK)
  • Must be a fully licensed, practising therapist or coach, working within mental health
  • Be of south Asian descent
  • Experience of working with south Asian clients
  • Experience of working with intergenerational trauma (not essential but desirable)
  • Able to conduct therapy in a south Asian language in addition to English (not essential but desirable)

If you would like to become an associate therapist, please email us your CV, registration details, and certificates of all of your qualifications.

If you would like to join us as a member, click here to create an account.

If you are seeking therapy, complete our therapy assessment form here.