Journeys of South Asian Therapists

As an aspiring psychologist, you’ve likely devoured all the knowledge you can on how to rightfully claim the enviable honorific of ‘Doctor’. You’ve read the tips, tricks, and trustworthy guides from your university.

Many of these tools are useful as they can advise you on what kind of experience you should be getting when in pursuit of your doctorate, how to best use your time at university, and so forth. However, as much of the field remains very White dominated, it would be nice to know how the south Asian people who become a psychologist actually do it.

As a south Asian, you may want to know how you can get experience without working full time for free like many people in the field have a privilege of being able to do so. You may want to know how to navigate white spaces as a trainee. You may have gone into the field because you want to break barriers in your community and find a way to reach them. Below, we have asked a south Asian psychologist what their journey was like into the field, to further guide you on your own journey.

If you’re a south Asian therapist and you would like to contribute your own journey, email us at