LGBTQ+ Glossary

Brown Therapist Network has created a glossary which better reflects the South Asian community within the LGBTQ+ intersection. We’ve ensured language used in south Asian countries to describe some aspects of gender and sexuality are present in this glossary.

Language is a constantly evolving construct. We can provide you with a definition so that you have a working knowledge of how to semantically use a word. We cannot provide you with the historical context all of these have been used in, the various connotations some words may have for some communities and whether it will be a term your client identifies with.

Some words in this glossary may be outdated, slurs, or slurs that are now being reclaimed. We have noted this where possible, but if any member of the LGBTQ+ community would like to further work with us on this glossary, you are more than welcome to.

Please also do your own research around some of the terms which may carry significant weight, before using them.

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