External Resource Library

We have curated a list of resources to learn more about mental health from a south Asian lens.

We can go through our whole educational careers and not delve deeper into how mental health really looks in the south Asian population. Research has traditionally taken place in the western hemisphere and through the lens of an older, white male.

We are here to shed a light on the other side, so that we can do our part to decolonise mental health. We want to elevate resources which reflect a more global population. Below you can peruse through books, essays, research and even podcasts, which delve into south Asian mental health.

If you know of any resources to add to this ever growing list, contact us here.

Books & Texts

Abhidhamma – Buddhist scripture

Essays in Zen Buddhism (1st, 2nd, or 3rd series) – D. T. Suzuki

Masalih al-Abdan wa al-Anfus – Abu Zayd al-Balkhi

Masnavi – Rumi

Psychology in the Indian Tradition – Rao & Anand

Razi’s Traditional Psychology – Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi

Reading List on Gender and Sexuality

We have this amazing South Asian Literature Reading List on Gender and Sexuality. This has been compiled by two students at Oxford University, (Vriddhi and Tay – known on Instagram as @vriddartha@bountayy). They have been studying the region and have kindly compiled this comprehensive list!


The Book of Healing – Avicenna

The Removal of Distracting Thoughts – Nanamoli Bhikkhu & Bhikkhu Bodhi

Upanishads – Part of the Veda’s

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Patanjali

Research & Reports

Mental Health and Race at Work: Research Report and Toolkit

The CMHA has created resources that will increase the business community’s understanding of how mental health and race intersect at work. They have provided evidence-based guidance for action, so that more businesses can build mentally healthy, diverse and inclusive workplaces for all of their people.


Asian American Identity Development: A Culture Specific Model for South Asian Americans

This paper explores the ethnic identity development of primarily Indian and Pakistani Americans. A framework for understanding south Asian American identity development is proposed for immigrants and native borns.

Helping South Asian Immigrant Women Use Resilience Strategies in Healing from Sexual Abuse: A Call for a Culturally Relevant Model

Patriarchal norms of South Asian culture and acculturative stressors in the United States are examined to understand how they influence survivors’ abuse experiences. The literature on South Asian women’s experiences of intimate partner violence is reviewed in addition to resilience studies with women of color who have survived sexual abuse.

Religious and Spiritual Elements of Change in Sikh Men with Alcohol Problems

The research presented aimed to explore and elucidate religious and spiritual elements involved in the change process for South Asian men overcoming alcohol problems.The findings have important implications for the provision of culturally appropriate alcohol treatment services.

Living with depression: Coping strategies used by South Asian women, living in the UK, suffering from depression

The aim of this review is to consider differences in coping styles as well as commonly known strategies used by women suffering from depression and those specific to Asian women.


‘Decolonising the Curriculum Tool’

One of our members, Shilpa Kunti, was introduced to this ‘Decolonising the Curriculum Tool’ in her clinical training. It can be used as a reflective tool.

Let’s Get Uncomfortable Resource Library

Aashna have created their own resource library that is comprehensive to say the least! It includes 630 resources of its own, all of which explore race, culture, ethnicity, & power in counselling and psychotherapy. Click here to access it.

Aashna are based in North Finchley and they are truly serving the community as they provide affordable therapy to marginalised groups, as well as events & training to therapists.

Resource Library for Understanding/Unlearning White Supremacy & Disinvesting from Anti-Blackness *esp for SA in UK focus


British Asian Diaspora Films

In the south Asian diaspora residing in the west, we often have little representation in the media. We can flick to Bollywood or Hollywood, never quite seeing our experiences represented on the silver screen. We have compiled a list which does reflect the unique experiences of British South Asian’s.