Religion & Mental Health

We have seen science and faith often separated. This appears to be standard practice from what we’ve been taught in educational settings. However, as south Asian’s, religion can often be a strong presence in our lives. This goes for Hindu’s, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, alike. We’re diverse in our beliefs, but a cultural thread that ties us together is the opulence with which we celebrate religious festivals with.

There’s no denying the impact of religion on us, or on mental health. There are teachings we can take to help improve our mental health, some of which have been repackaged in a more western or secular context. We’re going to delve critically in religion and mental health with the resources below.

Exploring Mindfulness within Dialectical Behavioural Therapy & Buddhism

The Origins of Islamic Psychology

Religion, Nature & Promoting Wellbeing

Religious and Spiritual Elements of Change in Sikh Men with Alcohol Problems By Asesha Morjaria-Keval