You may have been told by your family ‘Don’t cry, you’re meant to be strong’.

You may have been told ‘We don’t talk about this outside of this house’.

You may have been told nothing, because there are certain taboos you don’t even discuss inside the house.

It is time to break the cycle of bottling up our emotions and allow ourselves to heal.

Healing might be therapy, or reaching out to a local organisation. It might even be finding a more appropriate way of expressing your emotions. Whatever it may be, we’ve compiled south Asian support that is available out there for you.

Suicide & Young People: A guide for managers & staff

Created by Sandev Panaser, who works with Taraki, and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s hospital, this guide is useful for everyone who wants to be aware of the signs of suicide. It tells you what to watch out for and has a list of organisations that can help.

Transgender & Muslim

Click below for resources if you are struggling with your gender identity. This guide is specifically for people who follow Islam or may be from a Muslim family. It has been created by the Muslim Youth Leadership Council.

USA based South Asian Mental Health Organisations

Do you often wonder find yourself searching for organisations in the community which provide mental health support for south Asians? Look no further, we’ve compiled an alphabetised list of USA based mental health organisations which do just this.

Global South Asian Therapist Directories

Have you seen our therapy squad? If you can’t find a therapist who fits your needs with us, there are plenty of directories our there. Here are just a few based across the UK, USA and further afield.