BTN Events

Brown Therapist Network hold events for south Asian therapists to be able to connect, grow and develop together. Many of our events are free if you have an account with us or discounted. If you do not have an account with us, you can still join for just a small fee!

Have you checked out our Eventbrite page for events we have coming up?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch up on past panel discussions!

Peer supervision, virtual meet ups & courses

Did you know we offer peer supervision and virtual meet ups for south Asian therapists every month?!

View our calendar to find out the dates of our next sessions.

Take a look at our courses on offer here too!

One to One’s

Do you want to speak to a psychologist one to one instead? You can book right here for a session with Dr Tina Mistry right here.

(For a mentoring or clinical supervision session, fee’s are listed here.)

Other events

Do you want to see what’s on outside of Brown Therapist Network (but still relevent to south Asian mental health)?

Visit the noticeboard here.

Research studies

Do you want to take part in research studies in your own time?

We also have a list of studies which are conducted by south Asian students right here!