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The Brown Therapist Network is a learning hub promoting knowledge of south Asian mental health. We welcome all South Asian therapists, from psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches. We have come together to decolonise mental health, emphasise south Asian mental health and grow together, as a community, in the process. Find out more about us by clicking here.

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Who are we?

Do you yearn to connect with others, constantly grow and cultivate a change within mental health?

We firmly believe in the power of community. Alone, we can cause ripples. Together, we harness more power, momentum, become a force to be reckoned with. Together, we can create waves of change.

What is our mission?

What’s going on in Brown Therapist Network?

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Our Courses & Resources

We can only disrupt the eurocentric norms in mental health if armed with knowledge.

We provide online courses and resources on topics from racial trauma to private practice development skills. These might seem diametrically opposite areas of expertise. Our range allows you to build your knowledge of south Asian mental health as well as build yourself professionally.

We know you want to put in the work to see your clients flourish, but we also want to enable you as a therapist to flourish.

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